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www.examrunner.com is an innovative product developed and supported by Lexer Technologies & Designed by Lexer Design a sister concern of Lexer Technologies. Where at Lexer Technologies we provide innovative solutions for business advantage. Our work transforms the businesses of our clients and touches the lives of the people we interact with. Our people are the ones that make the difference, and we enable them to provide the very best. If it were anything less, it wouldn't be us. To know more about Lexer Technologies you may login at www.lexertechnologies.com

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www.examrunner.com enables school, colleges and institutes to create/take unlimited online exam for their students for all classes, subjects and chapters inside each subject. Using examrunner teachers can easily create exam using their mobile phone and google voice assistant tool. So teachers with 0 knowledge of computers can also create question bank in all indian and foreign languages using google voice assistant tool in their mobile. We also provide advance editor tool to create questions with mathematical equations, chemistry formulas & physics numericals etc. You may also create question with photo's, images & video etc.

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